My talks and workshops are all about enabling your team and organisation to get "Change Fit" for the 4th industrial revolution.

By focusing on your people and the 3 areas proven to make the biggest impact on companies digitally transforming, I will help future proof your business, improve your competitive advantage and increase profitability. 


The Change Fit Series

"Change Fit" FOR DIGITAL

A Keynote presentation to help you understand why it is critical for todays businesses to become "Change Fit".

Research shows that organisations around the world are focusing on only 50% of the digital transformation equation and are ignoring the critical second element for success. Those that do focus on this missing link are 37%-52% more profitable than those that don't.

This talk helps the audience understand the psychology of change so they can better cope with it. And uses a heroic story from World War II, to illustrate the 3 critical areas businesses need to focus on to guarantee a greater chance of digital transformation success.

"Change Fit" for Effective Digital Decision making

Offered as both a talk and in a workshop format, "Picking the Right Digital Horse" is a combination of the "latest digital trends" and a "practical framework" you can use to make the right digital decisions for your business.

These hugely empowering sessions will not only outline the current trends you need to be focusing on in your industry right now, but using Pareto's Law as a guiding principle, they will also help you to focus on the right things, the things that will make the most impact to your business.

Mobilising a "Change Fit" Digital Leadership Team

Your leadership team is the most critical element for driving digital success. It’s been proven time and time again with digital transformation that a team focused selflessly on achieving a clearly defined digital vision succeeds. 

Using relevant up to date case studies, this talk highlights the key enablers and disablers to leaderships ultimate success in getting their employees onboard, driving a new digital culture and gaining the competitive advantage that brings.

This keynote presentation is often seen as the first step to deeper leadership and team coaching to affect real change.

Creating a "Change Fit" Organisation of Innovation

Delivered as a presentation and workshop combo, “Creating a Change Fit Organisation of Innovation"” will challenge the way you structure your organisation and provide a framework for creating the approach to suit your business and industry.

Shifting culture from one that rewards following procedure and process (to improve efficiencies), to one that also embraces out of the box thinking and continual change without the fear of failure, is ultimately what is required for true innovation. This talk and workshop will lay the foundation needed to make this a reality in your organisation.

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